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What we miss about a pre-COVID world

A pre-COVID world seems so long ago, as masks, sanitizing and social distancing have fast become a way of life for all. The new normal might be here to stay, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still miss the way life was before the global pandemic set in. As an events and activations business, here’s what we miss most…

Big events

Remember the thrill of festivals? We can’t help but miss the fun of a packed stadium or field as we all collectively enjoy the talents of our favourite artists. In addition to the music, we miss the challenge of large-scale set-ups, liaising with vendors and making sure that guests have nothing less than the best time. We hope that we’ll be able to enjoy this again in the future but until then, we’ll be reminiscing on some of our favourite memories…


One of the best parts of what we do happens to be travelling to new and interesting parts of the nation. Whilst this might still be happening on a smaller level, we miss the roadshows and the whole crew gathering together for an awesome road trip. Here’s hoping that we get to go on some new adventures sooner rather than later.

Personal interactions

It might sound cheesy, but the thing we miss of all is definitely the physical closeness between our team members. We’re warm people. We do hugs, high-fives, fist pumps and pats on the back. As much as social distancing helps us flatten the curve, we wish we could get back to being who we really are. We miss sharing a smile and a happy greeting and hope we can get back to that ASAP.

Impressive campaigns and big ideas

Although big ideas aren’t dead due to COVID-19, the budgets that drive them have certainly been limited. We get it and we’re totally understanding of why this has happened but we honestly miss being able to pull out all the stops in the name of something huge. What this has taught us though, is that we’re experts at matching budgets with expectations and end results. It’s allowed us to prove to our clients that at Veritas, we’re able to make things happen no matter the budget.

Is your business ready to step into the new normal?

The world might have changed but our dedication to branding, activations, events and manufacturing, have not. If there’s anything that Team Veritas can do to help make your new normal a little easier for your business, why not reach out to us today? Click here to get the ball rolling.