Happy Promoters


Three ways we care for our promoters

At Veritas, our promoters are more than just the people we trust to help us deliver world-class events and activations. They’re our family. It’s why we look out for them wherever we can, especially during a global pandemic where many of us are feeling the pinch. Here’s how we take care of our promoters.

We make sure they’re paid on time 

The last year has been a tough time financially for many businesses, us included. It breaks our hearts to hear that some promotional companies haven’t paid their staff due to the challenges of a global pandemic. That being said, we understand both sides of the coin. Although we also know the pressures of non-payment from clients, we cannot let that impact our team. It’s not the fault of our promoters that clients haven’t paid, so it’s not up to them to endure the hardships of carrying a business. We respect that our team have their own households to run and bills to pay. If we have to eat last to put food on their tables, so be it. They’re loyal to us so we’re nothing less than loyal to them. As much as this is our approach we do hope that other companies will follow suit.

We look out for their best interests

Our promoters are family and when you’re family, you’d do anything for each other. It’s why we’re always there when they need us and even when they don’t. Our activations managers make sure that every promoter is able to work in a fun, professional and safe environment. Should that be compromised at any time, we step in and ensure it ends right there. They have our backs no matter what and we’ll always have theirs.

We keep the channels of communication open

At Veritas, our door is always open. Whenever our promoters have professional or personal problems, we’re always quick to hear them out and offer help wherever we can. As a result, we’ve built a team of tight-knit activators that we can trust to help us offer our clients nothing but the best. Our relationships with our promoters are built on trust, honesty, respect and communication. The way all good relationships should be. 

Want to join the Veritas family? We’re always looking for vibrant, dynamic people to join our activations crew. If you think you’ve got what it takes to represent us and some of the nation’s biggest brands, get in touch with us today. We can’t wait to meet you. Visit our website to learn more now.