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Reflecting on the first half of 2021


Just like that, the first half of the year is behind us. Although we’re still very much governed by a global pandemic, it’s been a pretty interesting 6 months, to say the least. We sat down with our founder Dee-Anne to talk about the challenges and victories that Team Veritas has encountered since January. 

Q: What are the challenges that the business has faced this year?

A: “Definitely the sourcing of new suppliers, as sadly, many of our valued suppliers have shut down due to the pandemic. Communication has also been a challenge as many of our staff and clients work from home, which sometimes causes a huge delay in feedback and turnaround times. Cash flow has also proved difficult as the events industry works on an immediate payment basis. With cash flow being drawn down due to COVID-19, it’s become a bit of a bump in the road as clients payments are taking far longer due to the same reason. It’s a horrible domino effect!”


Q: What were your expectations going into the year and did those materialise?

A: “The only expectation we had was to obtain new clients outside of the entertainment trade, which we have done through our staffing, design and manufacturing side. With COVID-19 restrictions’ end nowhere in sight, we made a point to not have any expectations for this year, something that has eliminated some elements of disappointment.”


Q: Has anything surprised you about the first half of 2021?

A: “Yes! I have been really surprised at how many businesses don’t seem to care much about quality control anymore. It’s almost as if no one cares anymore, something that really bugs me as we now have had to put further quality checks in place with supplier’s as Veritas takes pride in everything we do.”


Q: What trends have popped up this year as a result of last year? 

A: “Private and more intimate interactions between brands and consumers have become the norm. Bloggers and influencers have become an even bigger platform for brand exposure to the masses. PR and Influencer brand gifting has definitely grown to new heights, showing no sign of dying down any time soon. 


Q: What are you hoping for the rest of 2021?

A: “Definitely for our industry to open up fully again. This is the only hope that many businesses have at this point. We are all holding thumbs…” 


Here’s to seeing what the rest of 2021 holds…

Although the first half of the year involved a few hurdles, we’re excited to see what the remainder holds for us. If you’re ready to make the last six months of 2021 count for your brand, we’d love to lend our expertise. For more on how we can help , click here to set up a consultation with our team today.