Promotion Issues & How To Resolve Them

Within the promotions realm, there are a lot of variables. From people to clients, venues, suppliers and beyond, With so many moving parts, there’s room for errors to occur. As industry insiders, we know that there’s a fair amount that can go wrong when it comes to promotions. Luckily, with the right expertise, it’s possible to rectify any issues and keep your clients happy. What exactly could go wrong? Keep reading and find out. 

Staffing issues 

We get it that all of our promoters are human and like many humans, mistakes are often made. How do we address this? Proper training and careful team selection. It’s why our promoters are seldom late and if they are, it’s due to a matter beyond their control. They’re also always presentable and ready to put their best foot forward. Should a promoter fall ill whilst on promotion or on the day of commencement, we have other team members waiting in the wings to fill in. Failing that, we reimburse the client and rebook the activation at our expense. That way, professionalism is maintained and that there are no hard feelings. 

Venue issues 

Permits and permission are a big part of what we do. For those that don’t know, activations like ours take careful planning before execution day. Should there be an issue on-site, we’ll have the necessary paperwork and contacts to resolve it on the spot. Otherwise, things could get very awkward for us and our clients. It’s simply a risk we’re not willing to take. Especially now during COVID times, we need to ensure that we are compliant at every stage of the promotion process. Adhering to the government’s mandate is key for correct health and safety measures. Not only is this the law but it allows us to keep our team safe too. 

Consumer issues

People can be unpredictable and there’s nothing like a rude, forward or aggressive member of the public to throw a promoter off of their game. All team Veritas promoters are trained to handle such instances and know the protocols they need to follow should an incident occur. We also have promotion managers on standby to supervise and step in should the situation require it. This allows all matters to be dealt with swiftly before the client or any other members of the public even notice that something is happening. That way, the promotion can go back to business as usual without any interruptions.

Memorable, Hassle-free promotions every time

At Veritas we pride ourselves on how smoothly our promotions run. That’s not to say that we’ve never encountered any of the above. We just have the right processes in place to minimise the impact on our clients and their businesses. If you’re ready to chat about how we can bring a more professional approach to your activations strategy,
contact us click here.