It’s certainly been a year we’ll never forget. Although we’d be lying if we said there hadn’t been a few lows, we’d much rather focus on the positives. As a business, we’re proud of the way we’ve rallied together to keep the Veritas flag flying high. Here are our biggest highlights and biggest lessons of 2020.

  • It’s never too late to branch out

During lockdown, events and activations were brought to a standstill. This gave us the push we needed to allow the creative side of our business to flourish. From designing and manufacturing wallpaper to installation and even shop fitting, we brought some incredible projects to life. These are areas of the Veritas offering that we’re going to continue growing so watch this space!

  • We learned to appreciate our competitors and fellow business owners

We hosted a Zoom meeting with other national providers in a bid to see where we could all help each other out. Not only did this help us ensure business continuity for ourselves and them, we were also able to prove that we are indeed stronger together. From electricians to fabricators  and even housing developers, we learned to reach out from within our own industry to work as one with others. Inviting our competitors to join us allowed us to build healthy relationships with them through one of the toughest periods in our industry.

  • Don’t box yourself in

Pre-COVID, we rarely tried to work beyond our own industry. Thanks to the pressures of a pandemic, we soon began to think differently, identifying some amazing opportunities along the way. The bottom line? Think bigger, think differently and the rest will follow. Start those conversations you might not have had before. You never know where they might lead to.

  • A new age of activations

For our own survival, we were forced to innovate and find ways of delivering activations without people. Whilst this “paid the bills” it presented a bigger issue for the long term… inhibiting job creation. Going forward, we’ll need to ensure that we can still provide the opportunities that our Veritas family have come to rely on. Luckily, our creative juices are flowing so we’ll surely come up with something that suits the “new normal”.

  • The Veritas ladies aren’t cut out to be housewives

This one certainly made us laugh on more than one occasion! As a business of mostly females, it was amusing to find that most of us preferred to be working in a business environment. There’s nothing like a nationwide lockdown to make you realise that cooking and cleaning are not your forte. Needless to say, our ladies are happy to be back at work and doing what they do best!

2021, we’re ready for you

Whatever next year brings, we’re ready to meet it with renewed passion, hunger and creativity. Want to join forces with us in 2021? We’d love to help you take your business to the next level. To set up a meeting over a cup of coffee, click here.