Four reasons we’re passionate about our nation’s people

This month, we’re celebrating Youth Day. As an iconic and important day in our nation’s history, we thought we’d take the opportunity to shine the spotlight on the incredible young people who call South Africa home. From their talents to their courage, here are four reasons that stand out for us…


1) They are talented beyond measure

This generation are exceptionally creative in a variety of areas. They are dreamers, doers and best of all, encouragers that set an example for others to follow. More than that, they’re using their talents for the greater good, to challenge the status quo and help shape a country that future generations can enjoy and be proud of. Now, isn’t that something awesome?


2) They’re not afraid to stand out or go for it

Our young people are brave and bold at all costs, especially when it comes to working for their success. They know that courage is just as important as any big idea, which is why they put themselves out there and push the boundaries that society might place on them. This is something we believe that the whole nation can learn from our youth. Whatever you do today, make sure you do so bravely.


3) They know what they want

 Goals. Goals. Goals. South Africa’s youth have their eyes on the prize. If they’re not busy achieving what they’ve set out for themselves, they’re trying to pinpoint what comes next. They’ve got this hunger to do themselves and our nation proud, which is why we’ve got nothing but love for them.


4) They’re proud of where they come from

 Even if they’ve travelled extensively or moved abroad, young South Africans are always super proud of their roots. Some even decide to move back after seeing the world, in order to invest their time and talents into the nation that shaped them into who they are today.


Our team are our biggest asset

At Veritas, we’re firmly invested in the young people of South Africa. From upskilling our teams to providing opportunities for growth and success, we really do believe that this generation are the leaders of the future. From our family to yours, we wish you all a happy Youth Day for the 16th of June. To learn more about us and our offerings, chat to us today when you click here.