Promoters by Veritas


Five reasons why we appreciate our promoters

As anyone in the promotions space knows, the right team is everything. It’s why we’ve built a name for ourselves in providing promoters that really set the bar high. We’re always on the hunt for new faces to join forces with us but we’re not for everyone… in a good way. At Veritas, we have a set of criteria that we never compromise on when it comes to screening potential promoters. Although promotions, like any other service that provides human beings, has to deal with the possibility of human error/fault. Sometimes promoters will let you down – keep in mind these are young adults so human error can happen. That being said, these instances are few and far between thanks to the tight-knit group of promoters we’ve built.  

Over our years in the game, we’ve noticed time and time again that our promoters are superheroes in the flesh! Here’s why we’ve got nothing but love for them.

  • Dedication

As they say, the extra mile is never crowded. It’s why the most successful promoters are always willing to do more than what’s expected of them. All Veritas promoters know that commitment is part of the territory if you’re going to keep working with us. As a result, they show up on time, give their all and make us proud with every activation. 

  • Being presentable

Team Veritas knows all too well that putting your best foot forward for any brand starts with the way you present yourself. From hair to makeup and even personal grooming, our promoters are always poised and ready to represent themselves and some of the nation’s biggest names. 

  • Engaging and fun

Promotions require dealing with people. This means personal skills and a good attitude are a must. Our promoters are warm, friendly and confident. They also know how to have fun in a way that elevates the brand experience.

  • Responsible

Those who are able to use their own initiative and take control of a situation make for great promoters. Ours are sensible, responsible and always looking at how they can make the promotion one that does team Veritas and the client justice. 

  • Professional

At the end of the day, someone’s brand is at stake. When a promoter is wearing your logo on their clothing and acting in a way that doesn’t serve your business, it’s your name that gets tarnished. This makes partnering with a reputable promotions company key. 

Want to work together?

Whether you’re looking to become a promoter or if your business could use some of our Veritas magic, we’re always up for new partnerships. For more on how we could join forces, click here.