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Affordable Ways To Give Back This Mandela Day


Mandela Day is almost here and if Madiba’s legacy has taught us anything it’s that giving back is everything. That being said, it’s been a difficult time for many and finances have been rather tight. As a result, making those #67minutes count can seem pretty daunting but we’re here to set the record straight… 


Newsflash: Giving back doesn’t always have to cost money. There, we said it. Even if you feel like you don’t have much to give, you have your time and your talents, which when used correctly, can do a whole lot more than you ever imagined. Here’s how we’ll be giving back this Mandela Day.


  • Volunteer 


COVID-19 might have made volunteering a little tough at the moment but places like the SPCA could really use some helping hands right now. You’ll also get to love a few animals and let’s be honest, it’s great for the soul. 


  • Do something kind for someone in isolation 


Whether it’s a neighbour with COVID-19 or an elderly member of your community who doesn’t feel safe to go out, why not see if there’s something you can help them with? Whether it’s collecting their medication, dropping off some books to read or even making them a meal, kindness goes a long way.


  • Give the gift of life


By donating blood and becoming a bone marrow donor, your act of kindness today could very well be the reason why someone gets to enjoy a tomorrow. Plus, you never know when it might be you or a loved one on the receiving end…


  • De-clutter and donate


Those items at the back of your wardrobe that haven’t been worn, used or thought of in years? They’re on somebody’s wish list right now. Do a cupboard cleanout, call your local hospice, shelter or SPCA and see where you can drop off your donations. You’ll be giving back and getting a head start on the spring cleaning! 


The time is always right to do good


The world is a pretty dark place at the moment and many are struggling. But if we all use the light within us to brighten the lives of others, we can help alleviate the suffering going on around us. On behalf of Team Veritas, we send love, light and strength to everyone who needs it most. For those who feel like they need to talk, our doors are always open. 

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